Our team

Australia's premier Indigenous energy procurement team

Baaka Energy is Australia’s energy procurement service and is an industry leader in a revolution against high electricity prices for businesses.
Baaka Energy have been providing businesses all around Australia with affordable energy for years, including clean, green renewable energy.

Meet the Baaka Energy team

John Lloyd, Chief Energy Analyst

  • Worked in deregulated electricity and gas industry since Feb 1997,
  • Was the Head Energy Analyst at Essential Utilities Corporation (EUC) Australia’s leading utilities consultancy for 10 years

Over the years he has managed the negotiation of several billion dollars’ worth of energy contracts for some of Australia’s largest and most respected companies, and has been instrumental in saving his customers millions of dollars.
John is passionately interested in issues of sustainability and uses his knowledge of electricity industry to assist his customers in this area.

Sam Jeffries, Chairman

Sam Jeffries is a proud Mooraworri man. Born and raised in Brewarrina NSW, he has been involved in Aboriginal Affairs since leaving school. Sam has spent practically all his life in north western NSW, having long term involvement in the development of responsible leadership, community development, and developing regional and community governance models.
Sam has held national roles as inaugural Co-Chair National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples and Deputy Chairperson Indigenous Land Corporation. Sam’s major achievement was leading regional governance arrangements in Western NSW for
over 20 years

  • Chairperson Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly MPRA
  • Chairperson Community Council, National Centre for Cultural Competence NCCC University of Sydney

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